1. The cost of the miner sharing plan consists of two portions: hashrate cost and electricity cost.
  2. Hashrate Cost: Hashrate Fee is the rental fee for mining equipment. It is calculated based on the current price of the digital currency market, the prediction of the future and the diminishing effect of hash power.
  3. Electricity Cost: Electricity cost is the money needed to run and service the miners. Electricity cost can be paid via multiple payments. For example, when a user chooses a 180-day plan, he or she can pay for the first 10 days when buying the plan and pay the remaining 170 days in the next 10 days. 


Electricity cost is calculated based on the number of days and can be paid via multiple payments. Customers can choose to pay for a certain number of days first (10 days minimum) and pay for the rest before the first payment expires. When making orders, the number of days for mining can also be adjusted and increased later through theDashboard’s “add days” button.

Please note: make sure to add more days before the maintenance date or the revenue from mining and ordering might be interrupted.

For example: a customer buys a 30 Day plan (from Jan 1st to Jan 30th). He paid for 10 days when initially making the order so the mining will take effect from Jan 1st to Jan 10th and stop on Jan 11th.

If he pays for another 15 days on Jan 15th, the plan will continue on Jan 15th and stop on Jan 30th. This means that there will be no revenue generated between Jan 11th and Jan 14th and the lost days will not be compensated for. Therefore, please make sure the payment is up-to-date so the mining and your income are not affected.