What is Hashrate Market

Mar 30, 2021 View original

Introduction of BitDeer [ Hashrate Market ]

Bitdeer first launched「 Hashrate Market 」-- a new mode of hashrate service, by introducing third-party hashrate merchants, Bitdeer provides users with dual option to have access to mining products.

With third-party hashrate providers (i.e. merchants) enter Bitdeer and sell their hashrate products. users purchasing such products, the payment goes directly into the merchant account, and the merchant offers hashrate and after-sale services.

In「 Hashrate Market 」, Bitdeer is only a sales channel for this product. The hashrate of the product is provided to you by the third-party hashrate provider, and the merchant is responsible to you for the hashrate products it provides. Therefore, third-party risks associated with such products that are beyond Bitdeer’s control cannot be ruled out.

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