Event Time:Dec 11, 2020 04:00 - Dec 18, 2020 15:59
BitDeer 2nd Anniversary Celebration is COMING! Join us now by download BitDeer APP to get tons of Amazing Gifts like Alienware Laptop/iPhone 12/DJI Drone etc.!
Gift 1 - Light Birthday Candles & Get Coupons
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Gift 2 - Post Order & Get Great Rewards Worth Million Dollars!
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Post Order Invite Friends Rebate *2
Posting Leaderboard 1st Price get iPhone 12
Gift 3 - Special Blind box & Wish U Good Luck
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Blind Box -- Exclusive in BitDeer App
Gift 4 - Consumer Ranking & Win Alienware Laptop
During the event, account who purchase cloud mining plans with accumulated computing power fee above 30,000 USD and rank top 3 by amount can get great rewards.
Top 1
Alienware Laptop
Top 2
DJI Drone
Top 3
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