Blast Fun Starting from 31st, Jan! Daily Snatch a Red Envelope
February 4th Randomly Draw BTC Red Envelopes worth ¥ 2019 2 Red Envelopes Can be Snatched Daily.
February 5th the Lunar New Year’s Day BTC Red Envelopes Double to ¥4038! Daily Snatch 3 Red Envelopes
February 5th Supreme BTC Red Envelopes up to ¥8076! Daily Snatch 4 Red Envelopes
End of the Spring Festival on February 11.May More Fortunate in the Coming Year!

From 31th Jan 2019 to 11th Feb(Beijing time), come to open Spring Festival blessing red packages on BitDeer every day, total 2019 BTC random red envelopes, 4038 free mining plans and 8076 free mining days coupons! Double reward by referral program during the event! 2019, BitDeer, you deserve to have! View detailed rules

Win Double BTC Reward by Referral Program

From 31th Jan 2019 to 11th Feb(Beijing time), after inviting a friend to finish placing an order, you’ll win the 4% commission of your friend's initial ordering’s user fee, The bonus will be paid via Btc. As a return, your friend also gets the extra mining days!

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