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Activity Rules
  • 1000 P+ computing power
  • Two top mining pools
  • 10000+ mining machines
  • 24H non-stop mining

Inviting friend to get BTC

Every friend you invite will receive a special discount Computing Power Sharing Plan purchasing link, and for every friend you invite who successfully purchases a plan you will receive a BTC reward, up to $10,000.

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Transparent Payment Mechanism

When purchasing a Bitdeer Computing Power Sharing Plan, your mined BTC will be paid directly from Antpool and There is no risk of the platform holding your BTC or of BTC loss should the platform shut down.

World-Class Mining Pool Collaboration

By working with mining pool leaders and Antpool, and drawing on Bitdeer’s high availability platform architecture, we ensure that our miners run nonstop, never wasting a second of your computing power. In addition, by teaming up with Antpool, Bitdeer is able to offer the full-scale AntProxy Client, taking computing power output to an unprecedented performance level and raising its stability by 89.55%.

Free Mining Days Activity Rules:

1 - Start buying at 10:00AM, December 13th, 2018 ( US Eastern Time) , limited one per person.
2 - During event, the 30 day plan is free = 0 computing power fee, 0 maintenance fee for 2 days.
3 - Pools will pay out when the minimum payment requirement is met. You can pay the maintenance fee to get a full service plan for the remaining days.
4 - Free plans are quantity limited, first come first serve.
5 - If any cheating occurs, Bitdeer will restrict the account that is in violation. Bitdeer has the final right in interpreting the rules for the event.
6 - Invite friends to buy and get a BTC bonus, Click for Details