1. Copy the invitation link to send it to a friend

2. Successful friend’s order will get you commission


1. Click the invite link to register

2. Discount purchase link will be active after signing up


The more friends you invite, the more rewards you will receive

  • - RANK 1 -

    2% Bonus


  • Stay tuned

  • Stay tuned

  • Stay tuned

  • Stay tuned


Detailed description:

1. For inviter: the inviter receives a corresponding percentage rebate of the first order placed by the invitee, the proportion of which is determined by the inviter’s level;
* First Order: the first fully-paid order under invitee’s account;
2. For invitee: click the invitation link to register and claim your reward: a special discount purchase link, only available through invitation link registration;
3. The rewards received by the invitees do not depend on the inviter’s level.