Merchant Service Capability Qualification

Mining Machine Qualification

Hashrate merchant: BTC.TOP, currently has more than 200,000 mining machines, models include S19, T19, S17, T17+, etc.
Plans in BTC.TOP venue are supplied by real and compliant mining machines in the BTC.TOP mining farms, which is compliant with 7*24 hours of operation and maintenance services provided by a professional team with 6 years O&M experience.
The details of the miners for the above plans are as follows:
Miner Model: Antminer T19 84T Crypto Algorithm: SHA256 Power Consumption: 3150±5%W Power Efficiency: 37.5J/TH

Mining Farm Qualification

Farm covers an area of more than 30,000㎡. It is equipped with 33 sets of 5000KVA transformers, 11 standard mining facilities and annexed with high voltage rooms, electrician room, operation and maintenance room, repair room, warehouse, fire-fighting system and living area.
Single row of shelves is arranged inside each facility with water pad on one side and cooling fans on the other side. It keeps a sufficient distance between the machine room and the hot air area, and the transformer and low-voltage cabinet are installed on the side of the cold air area.Each machine facility has 3 transformers, each transformer powers 18 groups of shelves, and each group of shelves is equipped with separate distribution boxes.

Risk Warning

The product is a third-party product sold via BitDeer. The hashrate and after-sale of the product are provided by the third-party hashrate provider: BTOP INTERNATIONAL TECHNOLOGY PTE.LTD instead of BitDeer. Therefore, there may be third-party risks associated with such product that are beyond BitDeer’s control.
Please confirm that you have thoroughly read and understood the relevant features of this product and the related agreements. Please ensure that you have made sufficient risk assessment and corresponding financial arrangements before you decide on your own to purchase this product. Once you purchase this product, you understand and agree to the following terms by default:
1. BitDeer is only a sales channel for this product. The hashrate of the product is provided to you by the above-mentioned third-party hashrate provider, and the above-mentioned third-party hashrate provider is responsible to you for the hashrate products it provides.
2. The responsibilities for undesired outcomes (such as termination of your hashrate products) caused by the third-party hashrate provider side’s issues (including but not limited to the bankruptcy of the third-party hashrate provider, continuous operation failure of the mining machines, theft of the mining machines, and unilateral termination of cooperation by the third-party hashrate provider) shall be completely borne by the third-party hashrate provider. BitDeer assumes no responsibility for such undesired outcomes.
BTC.TOP, founded in January 2014, has a large number of its own hashrate. It currently has more than 200,000 mining machines of various currencies. Its Bitcoin mining pools (BTC.TOP) and Litecoin mining pools (LTC.TOP) are the top mining pools of the whole network. BTOP INTERNATIONAL TECHNOLOGY PTE.LTD is one of the service entities under BTC.TOP.
BTC.TOP has been deeply engaged in the blockchain industry for many years and is committed to building a comprehensive mining platform to provide more comprehensive and high-quality services.