Merchant Service Capability Qualification

Mining Machine Qualification

LIANGJIAN Company owns over 50,000 newest generation model of miners including model S19, S19Pro, M31S, M31S+ etc. We are able to design suitable investment plan for investors and provide the most profitable portfolio. Our mines are supported by dynamic management and professional team to ensure miners’ uninterrupted output for 24h*7 days.

Mining Farm Qualification

U.S. Mine
The mining farm is located in Texas, USA. The region has a friendly policy, mild climate, and clean air, which is suitable for mine operation. The total load of the mining farm is over 100MW. The power operation is stable, the plant has good ventilation effects, and leaves a wide equipment handling aisle and operation space. In addition, the mine has reasonable power and network architecture, and good equipment quality. It is certified as a high-quality mining farm by Mining++.

Risk Warning

The product is a third-party product sold via Bitdeer. The hashrate and after-sale of the product are provided by the third-party hashrate provider: LIANGJIAN Co., Limited instead of Bitdeer. Therefore, there may be third-party risks associated with such product that is beyond Bitdeer’s control.
Please confirm that you have thoroughly read and understood the relevant features of this product and the related agreements. Please ensure that you have made sufficient risk assessment and corresponding financial arrangements before you decide on your own to purchase this product. Once you purchase this product, you understand and agree to the following terms by default:
1. Bitdeer is only a sales channel for this product. The hashrate of the product is provided to you by the above-mentioned third-party hashrate provider, and the above-mentioned third-party hashrate provider is responsible to you for the hashrate products it provides.
2. The responsibilities for undesired outcomes (such as termination of your hashrate products) caused by the third-party hashrate provider side’s issues (including but not limited to the bankruptcy of the third-party hashrate provider, continuous operation failure of the mining machines, theft of the mining machines, and unilateral termination of cooperation by the third-party hashrate provider) shall be completely borne by the third-party hashrate provider. Bitdeer assumes no responsibility for such undesired outcomes.
LIANGJIAN Company started to research and develop quantitative trading and hedge market from 2013 to the present. Our cryptocurrency mining business commenced in 2018. We deployed large-scale of big data centers in Texas, the USA, and Kazakhstan, and achieved significant growth of hashrate owned. Until now, the hashrates we holding are around 1.5E. Meanwhile, LIANGJIAN Company had already become one of the most regulational, professional, and technical cooperation in the cryptocurrency mining industry. We are confident of furthering our efforts to generate a diversification blockchain environment at an industrial scale and deliver strategical and multiple top leading mining company’s insights on the current state and future development to global users. LIANGJIAN is looking forward to bring rich and transparent income to you.