Z15、K5 Mining Plan Power Outage Announcement Nov 8, 2020 00:00

Dear BitDeer Z15、K5 mining plan users,


In order to improve the stability of mining farms operations, the BitDeer will transfer some of the mining machines corresponding to plans to mining farms with higher operation and maintenance specifications. Therefore,some plans corresponding to Z15 and K5 will be powered off, and mining will be suspended for about 7-10 days.Thank you for your understanding and support.


The “1:1 postponed compensation” will be applied as always, which is if the power is off for N hours, the mining time of the affected plan will be postponed for an additional N hours, no extra computing power fee and electricity fee for the postponing hours. 


The compensation hours will be added automatically within 24 hours after the power recovers. 


And the actual compensation hours for each order might be different, please subject with the actual compensation hours on your "MY HASHRATE". 


Thank you again for your support and understanding. BitDeer will continue to adhere to provide safe, true, and reliable mining sharing services.


BitDeer Team

November 8, 2020