Cloud Hosting - Mar. 19 Group-buying Re-launch Notice!! Mar 18, 2021 00:00

Dear BitDeer users,


Cloud hosting - is expected to open for group-buying hosting on March 19!


Group-buying time: 7:00 March 19 (UTC+0)

Hosting model: S17+ - 73T

Mining farm: Compliance Mining Farm in USA

Mining time: Mining is estimated to start within 10 days after the successful group-buying hosting

Purchase limitation: Up to 10 miners per user, cheating will be disqualified

Payment method: USDT/USDC



This cloud hosting group payment method only supports USDT/USDC,  Please prepare enough coin in advance. 

Pay with MatrixPort Wallet for easier payment!(here is how), Matrixport is a business partner of BitDeer, and BitDeer order support ' using Matrixport balance' as a paying method, By depositing sufficient currency at your matrix wallet in advance, place the order and use the 'Matrixport balance' as paying method, the transaction will be done immediately without any transaction fee. if a user places an order and pays by matrix immediately after a cloud mining group opened, there is a good chance that the order will succeed.

Here is the FAQ of cloud hosting:


For any queries or concerns, please feel free to contact BitDeer service team [email protected]


BitDeer Team

March 18, 2020