Bitdeer Introduces Cloud Hosting Group Buying Mining Machine | Bitdeer

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Bitdeer Introduces Cloud Hosting Group Buying Mining Machine | Bitdeer

SINGAPORE, May 25, 2021 – Among the extremely volatile crypto market, mining has been deemed as one of the most stable investments with a decent yield, regardless of the bull or bear market.


Jun 01, 2021 (Vehement Media via COMTEX) -- Allowing retail miners to generate revenue with 1 mining machine

SINGAPORE, May 25, 2021 – Among the extremely volatile crypto market, mining has been deemed as one of the most stable investments with a decent yield, regardless of the bull or bear market. However, it is known that investing in a Bitcoin mining farm requires some substantial commitments, including a large amount of equipment, a place with low electric fees, and a venue with good ventilation.

At the same time, crypto mining machines are becoming increasingly expensive, and almost impossible to purchase during the 2021 bull market whilst the mining chips’ supply limitation. Mining machines’ futures settlement date can be as late as early 2022. Miners need an easier and fairer way to enter the arena, and cloud-hosted mining service comes into play.

Bitdeer, the highly trusted digital assets mining and cloud service platform, offers cloud hosting mining service, allowing retail investors to buy as little as 1 mining machine and start crypto mining. The first-of-its-kind group-buying service gives retail investors the same opportunity of bitcoin returns as a big miner.

Bitdeer’s offer lowers the entry barrier for miners and allows investors to enjoy stable mining income without physically establishing a mining farm. Not only the mining return, but Bitdeer also launched a time-limited promotion, rewarding purchasers up to $70 worth of Dogecoin per machine.

Bitdeer has various mining farms, which are fully compliant, namely North American Tennessee mining farm, Washington Pangborn mining farm, and Texas mining farm. These mining farms are legally utilizing the local power grid with zero compliance risk. The power operation of the mining machines is stable, with superb ventilation, and a wide equipment handling aisle and operation space. The overseas mining farms have a friendly policy and a mild climate, which is suitable for mining operations.

Why Cloud Hosting?

Cloud Hashrate is a mechanism to mine a cryptocurrency such as bitcoin without having to install and directly run the hardware and related software. Users just need to open an account and remotely participate in the process of cryptocurrency mining for a basic cost, making mining accessible to a wider number of people across the world.

Differently, rather than a portion of the computing power that mining service platform usually offers, Bitdeer also offers mining machine purchases that purchaser can substantially own a mining machine and enjoy the bitcoin reward throughout the machine’s lifetime.

What are the machines?

Since it is now impossible to profitably mine Bitcoin with your computer, you will need specialized hardware called ASICs. Bitmain’s mining machines have been dominating the market for years considering its leading chip computing capabilities with advanced hashing rate.

For example, Antminer S17 is an affordable one which can help miners to cover machine cost sooner than peers. S17 is the type that supports group buying on Bitdeer.

Time-limited promotion – Group buy and get Dogecoin

In response to the Doge market heat, Bitdeer has launched a group buying event, that users can purchase mining machines at a cheaper price. At the same time, buyers can enjoy up to $70 free Doge per machine. More Doge to giveaway if you purchase more machines.

About is the world’s leading all-in-one mining and cloud service platform, enabling global users to mine cryptocurrencies in a transparent, reliable, and convenient way. It saves users from the complicated process of purchasing, installing, and hosting mining machines. Individual miners can enjoy the service with just one click.

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