Get to Know Bitdeer Group: 5 Key Facts (Part 2) | Bitdeer

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Get to Know Bitdeer Group: 5 Key Facts (Part 2) | Bitdeer

Bitdeer Group convenes a wide range of experts with a shared goal of shaping better practices for mining cryptocurrency.


Bitdeer Group’s three core business lines — Cloud Hashrate, Mining Datacenter, and Minerplus — each draw upon years of professional experience in creating specialized services in the blockchain space. These span cloud-service, hardware, and software, and altogether form a diverse set of offerings that have come to define the standard of professional customer service in mining operations.We introduced this and more as part of our first post on 5 Key Facts about Bitdeer Group. Here are five more facts about Bitdeer Group that may be worth knowing.

#1. Key milestones in the rise of Bitdeer Group

In 2013, Mining Datacenter’s predecessor was formed. Bitdeer Group’s Mining Datacenter would later be established based on Bitmain’s Mining Department.

In 2016, Minerplus’ predecessor was formed. Bitdeer Group’s Minerplus would later be established by members of Bitmain’s AntSentry Team.

In 2020, Bitdeer was founded.

In 2020, Bitdeer Group Founder and Chairman Jihan Wu reorganized the three separate teams as part of Bitdeer Group.

#2. Bitdeer Group implements advanced compliance systems to safeguard digital assets

To ensure all digital asset mining operations adhere to global standards, Bitdeer Group has formed an internal compliance committee to oversee regulatory matters. The committee includes an information security center, risk management unit, anti-money laundering team, and other divisions. These departments all serve an important operational function and act as a benchmark for other companies to foster compliant industry practice that protects users.

#3. Customer satisfaction is at the core of Bitdeer Group’s corporate culture

Over the years, Bitdeer Group has made several strategically decisive moves that sharpened its competitive edge and consolidated its leading position in the fiercely competitive blockchain space. This stems from an obsession with driving innovations that truly matter to customers. For Bitdeer Group, three key areas matter the most when it comes to serving clientele: (1) value-added service offerings and user-friendly functions, (2) a stable operating entity that abides by laws and mitigates risks, and (3) data privacy and security.

#4. Bitdeer Group is a symbol for leading-edge mining operations and services

As the blockchain space evolves, so do the services that Bitdeer Group provides. The Cloud Hashrate service offered by Bitdeer Group maintains a large market share among products of its kind. This works in tandem with the Mining Datacenter, another division of Bitdeer Group that holds breakthrough patents for its modular, energy-efficient structure for housing racks of equipment tailored to mine cryptocurrency. Notably, the Mining Datacenter has formalized and professionalized the design, construction, and maintenance of expansive mining facilities.

#5. Three verticals come together to form a comprehensive mining ecosystem

Bitdeer Group offers a variety of services related to cryptocurrency mining, with each of its three business arms meeting the demands of clients who have a broad range of needs. Cloud Hashrate’s four main products — Cloud Hashrate, Cloud Hosting, Hashrate Market, and Institution — are trusted by thousands of customers. The Mining Datacenter develops and runs standardized, pro-grade mining facilities that wield the world’s unrivaled aggregate mining capacity. Minerplus supplies an infrastructure software suite that monitors, manages, and safeguards mining equipment. Altogether, these three arms form a comprehensive network that serves the crypto-curious and seasoned users alike.

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