Comparing Bitcoin as a Store of Value to Other Commodities

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Comparing Bitcoin as a Store of Value to Other Commodities

The article delves further into the topic of Bitcoin's value retention relative to more conventional commodities such as cash and precious metals. Get to know the ways it compares and contrasts with other goods.


Some feel that Bitcoin isn't a good store of wealth, especially since it just came out. The article delves into the topic of Bitcoin's value retention relative to more conventional commodities such as cash and precious metals. Get to know the ways it compares with other goods.

What is a Store of Value?

An asset's store of value is its ability to retain its value over time, rather than losing it. For the purpose of protecting their money's buying power over time, savers and investors seek out such assets. Ideally, a strong store of value would be resistant to market and economic downturns, protecting investors against inflation and other financial hazards.

Traditional Examples of Store of Value


Money has generally served as a safe haven for wealth throughout history. Dollars and Euros, two examples of stable currencies, have the support of their respective governments and give investors peace of mind. However, inflation can eat away at the value of currency over time.

A number of countries' currencies have been volatile as a result of political unrest. In 2016, for instance, the British pound experienced considerable volatility and, at times, quick devaluation vs the US dollar due to the Brexit referendum in the UK. It was 1997 in Asia when something even more remarkable occurred historically. When the Thai baht crashed, it sent shockwaves through Southeast Asian currencies, causing them to crash as well.

Precious Metals

For ages, people have looked to gold and silver in particular as reliable investments. They have historically been a refuge for investors due to their intrinsic value, which stems from their scarcity, industrial uses, and historical importance, particularly during times of economic uncertainty.

Because of the dramatic depreciation of the national currency, the Venezuelan people no longer trust government-issued currency. People often turn to foreign currencies or trade in gold as a result.

Factors that Affect Store of Value

Stability and Durability

One of the most important aspects of an asset's storage of value is its stability. Investments that are resilient to changes in the economy and can keep their value over time are highly favored. Furthermore, durability is important, since depreciating physical goods cannot be trusted to retain their worth over time.


One important aspect of an asset's potential to retain value is its scarcity. Rare assets, like enduring precious metals and the pioneering cryptocurrency Bitcoin, tend to maintain or even increase in value over time.

Widely Accepted

The two most important characteristics of a good store of value are widespread acceptance and ease of conversion into other wealth forms. Solid demand and plenty of cash are guaranteed by this approval.

Ease of Trade

Assets with high trading volume are more suited to be used as a store of value. People tend to favor assets with high liquidity, such as publicly traded stocks or currency, because of how easy and fast they are to buy and sell.

Bitcoin: A Modern Store of Value?

An alternative to traditional bank results, the decentralized digital currency known as Bitcoin has recently gained popularity. Since it is digital, it cannot degrade physically, and it is also intrinsically scarce (there will only ever be 21 million bitcoins), just like precious metals.

Its significant price volatility and a little history, however, make one wonder how stable it is as a store of value in comparison to more conventional assets. One of its advantages is the growing acceptability of cryptocurrencies in mainstream finance and the simplicity of trading them through numerous exchanges.

Using Bitcoin as a Store of Value

Security, mobility, scarcity, acceptance, and convertibility are some of Bitcoin's unique financial traits that make it an attractive store of wealth.

By preventing forgeries and fraud, blockchain technology strengthens Bitcoin's security. The fact that it is digital makes it very portable, which facilitates transactions across borders.

To prevent Bitcoin's value from falling due to an infinite supply, a limit of 21 million coins ensures scarcity. Bitcoin's increasing liquidity and legitimacy are a result of its increasing acceptability as both a medium of exchange and an investment.

In addition, the growth of cryptocurrency exchanges makes it easy to convert Bitcoin into fiat money, and other cryptos, or to use it to make purchases, giving its holders a lot of flexibility and utility.

Comparing Bitcoin to Other Stores of Value

The below table gives a clear picture of how Bitcoin compares to fiat money, gold, and real estate in terms of different properties, which are considered traditional stores of value. Each asset class's relative merits as a store of value can be better understood with the help of a table like this.

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