We've got a new look!

Offres et Annonces  .  2022.07.19

We've got a new look!


Dear Bitdeer users,

We have a fresh new look today! Following 3 years of deliberation and the craziness of 2021, we figured it was time to update our look.

As you will notice the new color scheme and a more modern design layout of the official website, demonstrates the evolving modernity of the sector that we are working in. Each section of the site has been integrated and revised over and over again to highlight our products and services.

For example, we have added a new [Resources] section to the navigation bar to quickly locate the tools you use. You may also notice that the Miner Share interface is different from the old website, which uses left-right typography to make the coin and product filters clearer and allow users to navigate to our package details easier and faster.

From the brand logo to the website and mobile design, the new look makes quite a bit of sense for our brand. Let's conclude with a brief preview of the results of this upgrade:

 ► For the logo design, we have adopted a new color scheme, upgrading from the basic yellow-green color scheme to a green-orange gradient design.

For the official website design, we have integrated the various businesses of the Group——Cloud Hashrate, Minerplus, and Datacenter, so that you only need to access www.bitdeer.com for more information.

Besides, we have categorized and redesigned the modules on the Miner Share Services page and a new slogan has been introduced: 

On the mobile end, we have tried to retain as much of the original sections as possible, while harmonizing the color scheme with the official website. With the optimized bottom navigation bar, you can more quickly view the asset details.

(Coming soon)

For more details on the brand upgrade, you may visit www.bitdeer.com. Thank you for your reading and we look forward to keeping in touch with you!

Warm regards,
Bitdeer Team

Bitdeer Group


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