Complete Solution / More Choices

Cloud Hashrate
Cloud Hashrate
Reliable&authentic mining
Provide mining plans with “various currencies + durations”
Cloud Hosting
Cloud Hosting
Ownership of miners
One-stop online hosting service integrating miner [group-buying, purchasing, hosting, O&M]
Hashrate Market
Hashrate Market
Multi-brand leading suppliers
The third-party providers offer more diversified mining services
Dedicated Customization
Provide large customized mining solutions for professional Institutions

Highly trusted sharing service platform of digital asset mining machines

Bitmain, Premier Supplier,Bitmain provides the latest Mining Rigs with quality guarantee.

Multi-brand miner suppliers

Quality support offered by mainstream miner brands

 Cooperate with the five biggest mining pool ,We work with, AntPool, F2Pool, ViaBTC, and BTC.TOP to provide users with a free choice of pools.

Global compliance mining farms

High quality mining farms in North America, Europe etc

Direct Payout from Pools, Bitdeer will not involve in any earnings allocation since all payouts are directly from the mining pool.

Direct deposit from mining pools

Direct deposit from top mining pools, safe and transparent assets

24-hour Professional Support,We provide professional support service, 24-7.

Professional intelligent O&M

Expert team 7*24h operation and maintenance

Start mining with one simple click

Purchase Mining Rigs

Purchase Mining Rigs

 Delivery Miner Rigs to the Mining Farm

Delivery to the Mining Farms

Testing and Connecting to Pools

Connecting to Mining Pools

Operations and Electricity

Operation and Maintenance

User Buys Computing Power Plans

User Selects Services and Places Orders

Bitdeer Computing Power Sharing Platform


 Payouts Directly from the Mining Pools

Payouts Directly from the Mining Pools

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