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Management Platform

Minerplus provides a one-stop management system for ASIC and GPU miners. Our software takes care of repetitive and trivial processes in your mining farm, thereby giving you more time to focus on growing your business and providing customer service.

A one-stop solution for the entire mining industry

Farm owners

View operational data of miners and the farm. Manage miners at anytime from anywhere.

Clients of miner hosting

Eliminate uncertainty by enabling transparency. Real-time monitoring of miners, revenue, and electricity usage.

Operators and maintenance teams

Fault visualization with fast and accurate machine identification. Automated operation and maintenance reduces workload.

MiningSentry: the world’s leading intelligent miners management platform

Intelligent and efficient

MiningOS: simple, stable, high-yield GPU miner firmware

Easy and quick deployment

Choose the right platform to begin mining intelligently and increase your revenue

The trusted choice of industry leaders


Reduction in manpower calculated based on the manpower required to maintain 10,000 miners.


Total service mine count, spanning across major continents such as Asia, Europe, and America (data as of May 31, 2023).


Real-time data, as of May 31, 2023.

We provide customers with ongoing support for our services

You can contact support by emailing ([email protected]), Twitter (@VIP_Minerplus), Telegram ( By joining our community, you can get access to meetups and workshops.

Recommended Hardware Configuration

Minimum configuration



Hard Disk

Intel® Core™ i3CPU
64G Mechanical Hard Drive

Recommended configuration



Hard Disk

Intel® Core™ i5CPU
128G Solid State Drive

Open The Door To Intelligent And Efficient Farm Management