Minerplus Lanches MiningOS for Efficient & Secure Crypto Mining | Bitdeer

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Minerplus Lanches MiningOS for Efficient & Secure Crypto Mining | Bitdeer

MiningOS will work in tandem with Minerplus’ new GPU mining services to augment Bitdeer Group’s comprehensive and leading digital asset mining operations.


Bitdeer Group’s Minerplus has developed and released a beta version of MiningOS, a new piece of GPU mining firmware for secure and high-yield digital asset mining, to an exclusive group of pilot users. MiningOS is part of a lineup of tools offered by Minerplus to mining projects of various scales, each designed to handle and streamline processes that keep the overall operations running efficiently.

As one of Bitdeer Group’s three business arms, Minerplus offers cloud-based services for monitoring, operating, and managing digital asset mining equipment. It functions alongside Bitdeer’s cloud service plan and the standardized mining facilities of Mining Datacenter to meet the needs of institutional and private clients who engage Bitdeer Group for digital wealth creation.

“During a digital assets bull run, there is always the potential for major fluctuations and corrections. It is crucial for new and existing practitioners to seize opportunities at the right moment as the sector charges ahead without rest. Well-funded conventional investors are directing their investments into digital asset mining. As new capital rushes into the sector to compete for hashrate, it is essential for the mining industry to make upgrades in ancillary services,” said Bob Liang, Head of Minerplus, Bitdeer Group.

With an expansive suite of features, Bitdeer Group continues to push the envelope in the facets of digital asset creation. It consistently sets new standards for reliable mining machine sharing, global compliance in mining infrastructure, and optimized smart mining management software.

Minerplus Features Full Cohesion for Maximum Efficiency and Revenues

Along with Bitdeer and Mining Datacenter, Minerplus completes Bitdeer Group’s full ecosystem of mining-related services, catering to the demands relevant to digital asset mining activities and management. This includes real-time tracking of operational details, batch operations, automated operation and maintenance, revenue analysis, as well as security and asset protection.

Reorganized in 2021 by the AntSentry core members — which developed Bitmain’s cloud-based miner monitoring, operation, and maintenance management system — Bitdeer Group’s Minerplus and its predecessor have been the management platforms of choice for 60 major mining operations since 2015, combining reliable products with precise data to empower miners to make the better technical decisions possible.

Minerplus boosts the efficiency of miners by up to 100% and trims the need for human intervention at large-scale mining operations by up to 50%, simplifying the process of generating digital assets. The team behind Minerplus operates 24/7 to assist clients with optimizing resource allocation and improving mining efficiency.

MiningOS Offers Convenient Deployment for Hassle-Free Optimization

MiningOS is a system that makes simple, stable, high yields possible in any mining context. It is a Linux-based management and operation platform that is designed to run on mining equipment that incorporates GPUs.

To make MiningOS easy to use in any condition, it was built for code-free deployment via USB flash drives. This means it can be rapidly deployed across mining equipment to optimize cluster management and increase overall revenues. To meet the possible requirements, MiningOS delivers batch operations for macro-level control as well as single-unit management for micro-level fine-tuning.

MiningSentry Safeguards Mining Operations from Malicious Actors

As part of the tools that Minperplus has developed, MiningSentry works in tandem with MiningOS to protect mining projects.

With real-time displays of hashrates and generated revenues, MiningSentry offers a clear and visible record of the performance of each machine within a network. It also keeps guard to detect suspicious behavior that may be taking place within the system, and issues alerts and notifications across designated channels, such as email and productivity apps like DingTalk, so that the management or technical team can examine the relevant information to root out malicious actors.

Together, MiningOS and MiningSentry allow miners to maintain stability, elevate hashrate, and perform smart overclocking within their operations, maximizing their capabilities in unique ways. They are at the core of the superior GPU mining operations and maintenance management suite that addresses the needs of professional mining sites.

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Bitdeer Group is the world’s leading digital asset mining service provider. It was founded by Jihan Wu, the co-founder of Bitmain and Matrixport, along with Sequoia Capital, IDG, and other well-known investment institutions in the blockchain field. With its headquarters in Singapore, Bitdeer Group has branches in the United States, Europe, and other countries and regions. The group has three business lines — Bitdeer, Mining Datacenter, and Minerplus, showing its dedication to becoming the world’s most reliable digital asset mining service provider.

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