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Bitdeer Group is the world’s leading provider of digital asset mining services. It was founded by Jihan Wu, a renowned pioneer in the bitcoin industry, along with Sequoia Capital, IDG and other well-known blockchain investment institutions. The group consists of two service platforms, "Bitdeer" and "Minerplus", which provide a full range of mining services that include hashrate sharing and smart mining solutions.

Minerplus is a comprehensive service brand for smart mining infrastructure established after the original Bitmain Mining Center and AntSentry were split and reorganized. In the group strategy, Minerplus is positioned to provide professional cloud intelligent infrastructure services for miners and farm owners, including the standardization of global farms, full-process coverage of miners management, and 7*24h operation and maintenance of expert teams to assist customers in optimization. Resource allocation to improve mining efficiency.

We will deepen the mining industry, devote ourselves to customer success, and make mining easier!

Our story

Before 2015, most farms relied on primitive management methods which involved frequently scanning miners with tools provided by mining pools. This was time consuming and labor intensive for the farm management team. It was impossible to obtain real-time data from miners or operate them remotely. In order to solve these issues, a team was established to develop a simple mining farm monitoring system. Early versions of the software scanned miners every 10 minutes to report anomalies and provide daily operation reports.

As the number of farms and miners housed within them grew, the 10-minute scanning intervals no longer met the needs of O&M personnel. Farm management also became more standardized and therefore additional management functions were urgently required. Thus the miner monitoring and management system was born. It enabled automatic miner monitoring (scanning machines every 2 minutes), automated batch operations, data analytics, electricity usage management, asset management, machine maintenance operations and many other functions. It was able to fully manage hundreds of thousands of miners in a farm. In the process of researching and developing this system, we have demonstrated the system to industry leaders and implemented additional functionality to suit their needs. As such, the system has been sought after by many customers hoping to apply it to their own farms and enhance their management abilities. At this time the system had network restrictions which would only allow it to be accessed via the company’s internal network or through a VPN.

In 2019, when the ghost virus infected farms, miners lost hundreds of thousands of dollars every day. The team realized that it should not only be satisfied with the management needs of its own internal farms. In order for the entire industry to develop greater health and stability, it needed a safe, intelligent and efficient miner management system. The team would lead the industry toward standardization, specialization and transparency. After further exploration and multiple iterations, a one-stop service platform built for the entire mining industry was born.

Minerplus provides efficient operation and maintenance capabilities for on-site operation and maintenance of miners. Features include but are not limited to real-time monitoring, batch operations, automated miner operation and maintenance, and smart protection systems. It provides accurate and clear analytics which become the basis for decision making within the farm management team. The smooth operation of your farm is guaranteed with greater hashrate stability and security.

We will continue to expand the mining services sector and lead the industry towards standardization.


We provide customers with ongoing support for our services

You can contact support by emailing ([email protected]), Twitter (@VIP_Minerplus), Telegram (https://t.me/realminerplus). By joining our community, you can get access to meetups and workshops.