Bitdeer Unveils Brand New Cloud Hosting Services | Bitdeer

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Bitdeer Unveils Brand New Cloud Hosting Services | Bitdeer

SINGAPORE, Oct 23, 2020 - (ACN Newswire) -, the leader in the computing power sharing industry, collaborates with mining giant and strategic partner Bitmain to unveil a new service line featuring innovative cryptocurrency miner hosting solutions.


Customers around the globe now have the capability of purchasing compliant mining machines, while having them custodied and maintained through the server hosting platform. has strived to provide a "one-stop service" computing power-sharing solution for the crypto mining industry, and the expansion of hosting services has provided additional flexibility to the mining community. Cryptocurrency mining has changed from home operation to massive data centers and individual miners have found it impossible to mine independently due to the increased hashrate difficulty, prohibitive costs of maintenance and capital investment required to operate. Partnering with Bitmain,'s new offering has been named "Cloud Hosting" and its goal is to lower the barrier of entry for individual miners while providing a consistent volume of computing power. is not only leasing the mining machines, but offers interested users the possibility of ownership at fractions of the cost of buying and maintaining their own mining machine.

As the leading computing power-sharing platform, aims to address the market demand from users for a solution to integration, accountability, and maintenance of remotely hosted crypto miners. With a track record of transparency, allows customers to view the progress of their miners in real-time through the platform. With 24-hour customer service and server maintenance, and transparent operations, miner hosting services can be executed with cost-effective and secure operations for their customer base. For a limited time period, no service fees will be charged, while subsequent electricity fees and maintenance fees would be directly deducted from the miner rewards.

The minimum requirement for the miner hosting service is 1 mining machine but customers also have the option to join other customers as a group to pool the services and split the rewards amongst themselves. At the moment, this is the first mining machine hosting service on the market that allows for this type of flexibility. All mining machines are supplied by strategic partner Bitmain, who will also provide maintenance and repair services. This allows to access mining machines that fulfill requirements for industry compliance, and a secure supply of electricity. The machines available for the new "Cloud Hosting" service include the critically acclaimed S19 Pro, currently known as the most energy-efficient, risk-averse, and cost-effective machine. Customers interested in signing up for the "Cloud Hosting" mining service may visit and inquire through the platform, bringing the "one-stop service" reality one step closer. has a long-standing reputation as a stable business operator in the computing power sharing industry. The industry leader has maintained strong cooperation with Bitmain as its strategic partner. also partners with other industry leaders such as Antpool and, ensuring the quality and reliability of mining machines are authentic. will continue to provide world-class mining services and remain the standard in computing power sharing services.

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