Customer Obsession Brings Bitdeer to the World's Top Player | Bitdeer

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Customer Obsession Brings Bitdeer to the World's Top Player | Bitdeer

Success that is Essentially Built on Bitdeer Group's Customer-Centric Mindset


SINGAPORE, November 26, 2021--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Bitdeer Group, the world’s leading digital asset mining service provider, earlier announced its plans to list on the NASDAQ through a merger with the publicly traded special purpose acquisition company Blue Safari Group Acquisition Corp. The transaction values Bitdeer at an implied enterprise value of approximately $4 billion. It marks Bitdeer Group’s latest achievement on the group level and the success of its business lines that support the group’s thriving growth, which could not have been achieved without Bitdeer’s obsession with its customers that leads to the customer-centric approach throughout the years.

The Iceberg of Success

What Bitdeer Group has achieved today is only the visible part of the tip of the iceberg. Over the past years, the group has made a number of strategically decisive moves that helped sharpen its competitive edge and consolidate its leading position in this fiercely competitive market. All of this originates from and is guided by a core concept: customer obsession – the philosophy that any innovations must be driven by what truly matters to customers. For Bitdeer Group, this revolves around three key areas: 1) value-adding service offerings and user-friendly functions, 2) a stable operating entity that abides by laws and mitigates risks, and 3) data privacy and security. To better meet these needs, the group has taken an agile approach in establishing and developing its business lines.

Joint-effort and Achievement from Multiple Business Lines

As one of the business lines under Bitdeer Group and a highly trusted sharing service platform for digital assets mining, Bitdeer was first launched in December 2018. Bitdeer provided exactly what customers were desperately seeking – a simpler and more accessible approach and channel to acquire cryptocurrencies – at a time when the barrier to entry for crypto mining was a major deterring factor for individual crypto miners and enthusiasts. Alongside the evolving market trends, Bitdeer has diversified its portfolio of offerings by adding state-of-the-art cryptocurrencies and altcoins. Different service modes (Classic and Accelerator) have also been created in response to users’ varying needs. The platform is also localized in 9 languages to provide greater convenience and access to the global community.

Mining Datacenter, another major business line under Bitdeer Group, has recently celebrated its achievement in adopting clean and renewable energy, which is a result of its determination to grow responsibly and awareness of environmental impacts arising from the mining operation. This is a pioneering breakthrough in the industry to develop professional and standardized mining facilities, which are capable of operating at optimal levels under various climate conditions and linking up with a range of power supplies supported by the group’s proprietary innovations. It has significantly improved stability and lowered risks associated with electricity supply, so as to provide users with reliability and stability.

The boom of the industry on a global scale brings with it both challenges and opportunities. The Outlook of Bitdeer Group remains promising given its customer-centric approach which drives constant innovation and optimization of its products and services. No matter how Bitdeer Group evolves in the future, the mindset of ‘customer obsession’ will always come first and be at its core.

About Bitdeer Group

Bitdeer Group is the world’s leading digital asset mining service provider. It was founded by Jihan Wu, Co-Founder of Bitmain and Matrixport, with venture investment from Sequoia Capital, IDG, and other well-known investment groups in the blockchain space. Headquartered in Singapore, Bitdeer Group currently operates in the United States and Europe. The Group has three business lines — Bitdeer, Mining Datacenter, and Minerplus — demonstrating the dedication and expertise in becoming the world’s most reliable digital asset mining service provider.

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