About Bitdeer business cooperation

Bitdeer is a leading, global cloud hash rate sharing platform, providing the advantages of industry-leading mining rigs, favourable fee structure, and direct payouts from mining pools. We make mining easy by sparing others the need to buy, install and operate their own mining equipment. Since launching, we've gained global recognition as a leader in the industry through our efficient and convenient mining services and steadily climbing number of users worldwide.

There are four types of partnerships available

Become a partner with one of these four types of available partnerships to enjoy benefits and discounts.

Promotional partnerships

Intended for (but not limited to):

· Mining pools · Exchanges · Wallet · Media outlets · Forums · Social media · Online finance platforms, and more; · Advertising networks

Promotions for this partnership primarily take the form of CPS ads, with the partner providing the placement and directing traffic to the Bitdeer website or an agreed-upon event page.

Frequent display methods include:

· Banner advertising placement, link, or navigation bar
· Plan status window display
· Network affiliate advertising

Commissions are paid based on sales.

Sales agent partnerships

Intended for (but not limited to):

· Mining pools · Exchanges · Wallet · Media outlets · Forums · Social media · Online finance platforms · Advertising networks · Traditional industry distributors, and more; · Personal agents with user resources

Partnerships can take several forms:

1.Online agents: sales agents sell Bitdeer products directly through their own sites, with Bitdeer providing technical support to set up the distribution site. Agents can set up sales channels for referral mining on their own website, using Bitdeer or two-party branding. Users can complete the order on the agent's own site.
2.Offline agents: sales agents sell Bitdeer products directly and receive direct distribution returns. Agents can sell products via exclusive personal links, with Bitdeer paying a brokerage fee to the agent.

Commissions are paid based on sales.

VIP agent partnerships

These partnerships are primarily for (but not limited to) businesses or personal representatives of VIPS.
In these partnerships, sales agents directly sell Bitdeer products and achieve a referral of the immediate returns.
Commissions are based on VIP customer sales.

Other forms of partnerships

Mining farm partnerships: We welcome superior mining operations from around the world to join us in Cloud Hash Rate Sharing or provision of mining management services. Mining operations can obtain positive cash flows and faster return cycles, while Bitdeer provides referral dispatching support.
Mining pool partnerships: We welcome cooperation with outstanding mining pools. Through a partnership with Bitdeer, pools can access greater computing resources, while users can enjoy more mining options.
Exchange platform partnerships: We welcome partnerships with exchanges, offering them greater fluidity along with added payment convenience and support for their users.

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