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Bitcoin Mining Apps

We offer a comprehensive array of hardware and software solutions tailored for miners. Download the app now to maximize your mining performance with a simple touch.

Bitdeer App

Discover our one-stop procurement service for Bitcoin mining machines, cloud mining, and containers. With the Bitdeer App, you can access real-time data and monitor your mining portfolio anytime, anywhere. Our solution simplifies the purchase and management of mining plans, offering you refined mining strategies and maximized income. Download the Bitdeer App now to manage your mining business effortlessly.


Enjoy Bitdeer's one-stop mining services without hassles

Real-time data

Monitor your mining plans, notifications and other valuable data from all your plans and miners.

One-click mining

Effortlessly order long and short-term mining plans with low thresholds and low fees.

Track your revenue

Keep track of the hash rate and income of all your mining pools with real-time and historical data for each account.

Third-party payments

Receive secure, transparent and direct payments from top mining pools, such as and ViaBTC.

Minerplus App

Mining farm management in the palm of your hands.


Enjoy intelligent and efficient farm management


Manage anytime, anywhere

Whether onsite or away, effortlessly monitor and manage your mining farm assets.


Instant notifications

Never miss out on important updates by getting alerts sent to you.


Income statistics

View the historical or real-time hash rate income stats for each sub-account.