Institutional Investors Bitcoin Solutions

Multi-strategy cloud mining solutions for institutional investors

Our multi-mode, multi-strategy mining plans are now available for institutional and retail customers and various types of enterprises.

An all-in-one platform with personalised support

Order customisation

Customise large hash rate orders to create a mining plan that meets your unique needs.

All-in-one cloud hosting

Buy your own miner and we will host it on your behalf (so you don't need to install and run mining hardware and software)

Procurement compliance

Transparently adhere to company spend protocol with convenient data-tracking and support.

Exclusive consultations

Receive exclusive consultations and support.

Track your data and revenue

Multi-mode and multi-strategy

Effortlessly tailor your hosting size, pick your preferred location, and choose the hosting mode that meets your needs.

Real-time data monitoring

Monitor your mining revenue, notifications and other valuable data with ease.

Track your revenue

Keep track of the hash rate and income of all your mining pools with real-time and historical data.


Mine the popular digital currencies with Bitdeer

If you are an institutional customer, you may be able to enhance your revenue through mining plan investments. With Bitdeer, you'll benefit from large hash rate order customisation, all-in-one cloud hosting, exclusive consultations and support, and real-time data monitoring. To get started, contact our sales team today at [email protected], or enquire online.