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avatar Goldshell HS5 Plan 360 Days HOT

Hash Rate Amount:

Static Revenue Rate: --%
Hash Rate Fee: $5.5000/T/D
Electricity Fee: $1.8000/T/D
Static Output: $0.0000/T/D

100% Sold

Estimated starting in 24 hrs

The following payment methods are now supported

bitdeer coin btc BTC
bitdeer coin bch BCH
bitdeer coin eth ETH
bitdeer coin ltc LTC
bitdeer coin usdt(erc20) USDT(ERC20)
bitdeer coin usdt(omni) USDT(OMNI)
bitdeer coin usdc(erc20) USDC(ERC20)

Price adjustment statement

As a mining platform backed by real hash rate, Bitdeer is dynamically adjusting the prices of Cloud Hash Rate plans, according to the market supply, demand and the mining difficulty. This ensures our offerings are competitive in the market.

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