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Filecoin/540Days/2T/FIL-Co-Mining Plan hot HOT

Filling Period: 0 Days
Currency: FIL
Hash Rate Fee:
0.0000 FIL
Pledge Coins:
13.2120 FIL Refundable
Hash Rate Plan Fee: 13.2120 FIL
Hash Rate and after-sales services provided by Bitdeer Self-run, Estimated starting in 24 hrs.

The comprehensive mining solution for long-term institutional customers

Cloud Hash Rate plans provide an easy and efficient mining solution for institutional customers. You can enjoy high-performance mining without owning, running or maintaining your own mining equipment. Additionally, cloud hash rate plans provide you with the flexibility of choosing your preferred miner model, plan duration, and hash rate capacity. You can start mining with a few clicks and monitor the mining outputs any time.

Plan Details
Plan Mode: Co-Mining
Tech Service Fee: 50%
Estimated starting time: 24 hrs
Plan Duration: 540Days + 180Days
Amount: 2T
Currency: FIL
Including Pledge Coins: 13.2120 FIL
Payout Cycle: Daily the soonest
Runtime: 100%

Frequently asked questions

1.How many parts does the Cloud Hash Rate Plan’s cost consist of?
The cost of the Filecoin cloud hash rate plan consists of hash rate fees and pledge coins. The pledge coins will be refunded to your receiving address within 3 natural days upon completion of the service.

For more details, please refer to: What does Filecoin Plan fee cover? .

2. What is the purchasing process for Cloud Hash Rate Plans?
The following is the purchasing process: select a plan -> select a cryptocurrency -> add the wallet address -> submit the order -> choose a payment method -> pay in full within 6 hours.
3. Can I change pool or wallet address after starting a Filecoin plan?
You are unable to change pools after commencing a Filecoin mining plan.

As for changing your wallet address, users can log into their dashboard to locate the plan they wish to modify. Under 'Hash Rate', select 'Manage' and then 'Hash Rate Management '. Click 'Switch Address' to change your wallet address.

For more details, please refer to How to Change a Plan's Receiving Address?.

4. How do I check the status of my Filecoin plan after purchasing it?
Users can log into their dashboard and locate the plan they'd like to view. Under 'Hash Rate' list, click 'Manage' and then 'Hash Rate Status' for details on each active plan.

For more details, please refer to How to Check Hash Rate and Revenue Data with Pool Watcher Link.

5. How are the earnings of plans calculated, and what are the payment rules for Filecoin plans?
A Filecoin plan's daily release revenue relates to the block reward. The Filecoin plan's daily release revenue will be high if the block reward is high.

If you purchase a Filecoin Plan with a period of 540-day + 180-day Linear Release Revenue, all revenue will be paid to the plan's receiving address in 540 + 180 days.

When the plan's cumulative Allocated Net Revenue Total reaches the mining pool's minimum payout threshold (0.1FIL), the mining pool will transfer the revenue to the plan's receiving address on the next day (within 24 hours after the Plan's cumulative Allocated Net Revenue Total reaches the threshold).

For more information, please refer to Filecoin Plan Revenue+ Linear Release.


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