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Bitdeer (“We”) is the world's leading provider of digital asset mining services. We are a subsidiary of Bitdeer Group and are based in Singapore. Jihan Wu is the founder and chairman of the group. Since being established in 2018, we have committed to providing comprehensive digital asset mining solutions for our customers. We handle the complex processes involved in mining such as miner procurement, transport logistics, power management and daily operations. This allows anyone, experienced or novice users, to start mining with a simple click.

As a miner sharing platform, Bitdeer has strategic partnerships with the top miner manufacturers as well as renowned mining pools like BTC.com, ViaBTC, Foundry, AntPool, F2Pool and BTC.top. Features of our service include, but are not limited to, traceable miners, direct payouts from pools and flexible plans. Authenticity, transparency, security and convenience are our mottos at work as we make digital asset mining accessible to everyone.

We have served users from more than 200 countries and regions and our website attracts over 3,000,000 views each month. We have mining farms deployed across Europe and North America that are in compliance with local regulations. The number of miners under our management has exceeded 100,000 units. These efforts provide our global users with a first-in-class miner sharing service that operates 24/7.

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