Privacy Agreement

“BitDeer Computing Power Sharing Service Agreement” (“this Agreement”) is the BitDeer Mining Sharing Platform (“BitDeer” or “we”) and uses the services provided by BitDeer and/or the BitDeer Mining Sharing Website (“This Website”) The agreement between the user ("user" or "you"). This Agreement describes the rights and responsibilities of BitDeer and the User. By using the services provided by BitDeer and / or this website, you agree to all the terms of this agreement. If you do not agree, do not use the services provided by BitDeer and / or this website. If you agree and abide by all the terms of this Agreement, BitDeer grants you access to and use of the services provided by BitDeer and the personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited rights of the Site.

Ⅰ Basic Matters

This Agreement sets forth the rights and obligations between the User and BitDeer regarding the services provided by BitDeer. The services provided by BitDeer and this website are the property of BitDeer.

BitDeer reserves the right to modify the terms of this Agreement at any time in its sole discretion. It is your responsibility to periodically review this Agreement for the latest changes. This Agreement and its modifications are effective as soon as BitDeer publishes them on the Site (unless otherwise specified in this Agreement). By continuing to use the services provided by BitDeer and/or this website after the posting of this Agreement and its modifications, you accept and agree to the modifications.

If you have any objections to the changes to this Agreement or are dissatisfied with the services provided by BitDeer, you should immediately:

1. Stop using the services provided by BitDeer;

2. After the BitDeer service termination service is notified through the customer service channel, the user's right to use the BitDeer service immediately terminates your consent: In this case, BitDeer is under no obligation to transmit any unprocessed or unfinished services to you or any third party.

II User Information Registration

1. You hereby promise:

(1) You are at least 18 years of age and have full civil capacity;

(2) You accept and use the services provided by BitDeer in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and policies in your country of residence/country and does not violate your obligations to any other third party.

(3) You find that when you are unable to commit to the provisions of paragraphs a, b of this section due to changes in facts or laws and regulations, you will immediately stop using the services provided by BitDeer and inform BitDeer to stop the service through the customer service channel. After terminating the service, you use the BitDeer service. Right to terminate your consent immediately: In this case, BitDeer is under no obligation to transmit any unprocessed or unfinished services to you or any third party.

2、For the registration data provided by the user, the user agrees:

(1) Provide legal, truthful, accurate and complete personal information;

(2) If there is any change in the Bay, update the user information in time. If the registration information provided by the user is illegal, untrue, inaccurate or incomplete, the user shall bear all the corresponding responsibilities and consequences.

(3) BitDeer reserves the right to impose restrictions on the account based on the information provided, to suspend or terminate the use of BitDeer computing power sharing services;

(4) The number of accounts per beneficiary is limited to 1;

(5) That is, your order is a request from BitDeer for the computing power sharing service. It does not mean that BitDeer has accepted your order. BitDeer reserves the right to refuse to accept the user's order. If we accept your order, a binding agreement ("Mineral Machine Sharing Service Agreement") is generated on behalf of BitDeer and you for the computing power sharing service agreed upon in the order, we will mine your mining machine The sharing plan is associated with your account. Prior to this, the order was considered pending, and BitDeer reserves the right to refuse to accept the order and refuse to accept the user's payment;

(6) For compliance purposes such as KYC (know your customer) and/or anti-money laundering, BitDeer reserves the right to request the user to provide PII (Personally Identifiable Information) and/or financial information from the account owner;

(7) You will need to enter your username and password when using certain features in the services provided by BitDeer. If you are unable to access your account for reasons such as forgotten your password, BitDeer reserves the right to request specific information, including personally identifiable information, including but not limited to: proof of identity; proof of residence; telephone number /Email proof of ownership and any identifiable activity on the website, such as transaction ID, order number, withdrawal amount, etc.; however, you promise that you will not share your username and / or password with others or allow any other third party Use your account. BitDeer is not responsible for the improper use of your account or password by you or any other third party and for the consequences and losses. If you believe that your username and / or password are known to others or that your account has been used by someone else, you should notify BitDeer immediately.

III Risk Notification

For user-provided registration data, the user agrees:

1. You understand and agree that there is a legal risk in the use of digital currency. As the current legal supervision of digital currency is not mature, its value may not be protected by law/regulation, and its behavior may be identified as a violation of regulations or policies. termination;

2. The value of any computing power sharing package, any number of any digital currency may be affected by many factors not controlled by BitDeer, including but not limited to: mining difficulty and / or other mining parameters / attributes changes, Market price fluctuations in digital currencies (legal currency versus digital currency exchange rates, such as USD / BTC), hardware obsolescence and hardware amortization;

3. You understand and agree that due to the nature of the digital currency, the value of any digital currency holder and any number of any digital currency may lose some or all of its value at any time; you are devalued because of the value of the digital currency (even Zero) has full responsibility for the losses suffered;

4. You understand and agree that BitDeer reserves the right to publish, modify, and/or provide services related to the services provided by BitDeer and BitDeer at any time through official page announcements, site letters, emails, customer service calls, SMS or regular mail. Any information. BitDeer is not legally responsible for any information not obtained through BitDeer's formal channels.

5. You understand and agree that BitDeer will maintain or upgrade the system periodically or irregularly. BitDeer cannot guarantee that the services provided by BitDeer are continuous, without interruption, due to the loss of BitDeer service interruption (if any) Take full responsibility.

6. You understand and agree that the information on this website does not constitute an offer of any kind, nor should it be considered or understood as an offer to sell or purchase any securities, commodities or other financial products. In addition, BitDeer does not constitute an investment advisor. And no information on the BitDeer website constitutes a recommendation for investment. BitDeer does not warrant that any objectives, assumptions, expectations, strategies and/or purposes expressed or implied by the website have been or will be fulfilled, nor does it guarantee the activity or performance of the website description. It will continue as in the way described earlier on the website or in the future.

IV Cryptocurrency Use

1. You may not mine, purchase, sell, exchange, hold, possess or otherwise use or utilize digital currency in any manner prohibited by your law or regulation;

2. Before purchasing any computing power sharing service, you should understand the business to ensure that the business is suitable for your financial capabilities and risk preferences. You know and understand that digital currency is at risk, including but not limited to:

(1) Currency price fluctuations - prices of any digital currency, including bitcoin, may fall sharply, or even

(2) Digital currency trading may not be confirmed for a while. Although the possibility is low, some digital currency transactions may never be confirmed - unconfirmed digital currency transactions have not been completed;

(3) Digital currency transactions are irreversible - if you send any number of digital currencies to any wrong person or address, you may not be able to cancel the transaction or withdraw the funds;

(4) If you lose or forget any PIN or password required to access and use these digital currencies, the digital currency may be lost or unavailable to you;

(5) That is, there may be inherent unknown technical defects;

(6) New laws, regulations and policies affecting the use of digital currencies may be issued and promulgated by countries.

3. By agreeing to these Terms of Service or by using the services provided by BitDeer to mine digital currencies, you demonstrate that you understand, understand and accept the risks associated with digital currencies.

4. The mining service you share through BitDeer shall not be used to attack the network. Once an attack is found, we have the right to terminate and deduct your remaining services.

V The Cost of the BitDeer Computing Power Sharing Plan

1. The cost of the computing power sharing package includes: computing power fee and electricity fee.

2. Computing power fee: The computing power fee is calculated based on the current price of the digital currency market, the future market forecast, and the calculation capability attenuation.

3. Electricity fee: The electricity fee charged by BitDeer will be used to cover the cost of computing power: electricity, mining operation, heat treatment and so on; BitDeer reserves the right to adjust the electricity fee in the future, but before adjustment The Electricity Package sold are not affected.

4. You understand and agree that the specific service fees that BitDeer charges you are stipulated in the specific mining sharing package. If you cannot accept the fees stipulated in the mining sharing package, you should not place an order for the mining sharing package.

5. You understand and agree: as the calculation power of the whole network will change, the difficulty of mining will also change, so the price of the computing power sharing service provided by BitDeer will be adjusted periodically, but the computing power sharing plan package and Electricity Package that has already been sold will not be affected. 

VI BitDeer Computing Power Sharing Service Mode

1. BitDeer is a bridge connecting users and mine pools. The user places an order to purchase computing power through BitDeer and accesses the purchased computing power to their designated pool. The user can view the mining revenue in real time at the website address of the designated mining pool;

2. The mining pool accessed by the BitDeer platform will charge the user a certain percentage of the service fee, which is determined and collected by the mining pool;

3. Transparency of income: The digital currency generated by purchasing the computing power sharing package does not pass BitDeer, but directly distributes the revenue (if any) to the user according to the PPS mode (or PPS derivative mode, such as FPPS, PPS +). Fill in the payment address;

4. The income (if any) issuance time is subject to the release time of the mining pool, and BitDeer is not responsible for the issuance of proceeds.

5. BitDeer will not make any commitment to your future earnings. Any future-related earnings or yield (or rate of return) data mentioned on the BitDeer website or BitDeer activity page are estimates and assumptions, actual revenue. The amount will be affected by many factors such as the price of the digital currency, the difficulty of the whole network, the lucky value of the mine pool, and the proportion of the service fee of the mine pool.

VII Order Payment, Cancellation, Change, Refund

1. Users can purchase computing power sharing services using various payment methods supported by the BitDeer platform;

2. If the user chooses to use the digital currency transfer to purchase the computing power sharing service: the user should transfer the digital currency to the digital currency account provided by BitDeer, the payment amount depends on: the sum of the dollar order, the dollar exchange rate at the time of purchase / the digital currency exchange rate of the selected payment And Bitcoin network transfer fees (may be subject to third party terms and payment commissions);

3. If the user decides not to complete the order, the user may not pay the order if the order has been created but not yet paid. The status of these orders will be changed to timeout after a period of time given by BitDeer (according to payment method). BitDeer does not process requests for timeout orders, and the user is not obligated to continue to execute timeout orders;

4. The user is solely responsible for the accuracy of the payment, including but not limited to: destination account address, transfer amount and other payment details;

5. If the amount of the transfer is lower than the actual required service charge, BitDeer reserves the right to decide before activating the computing power sharing service:

(1) Adjusting the computing power sharing service accordingly to match the funds received with the provided computing power sharing service; or

(2) Refused to activate the computing power sharing service until the user owed the payment;

6. If the transfer amount is higher than the actual required service fee, the user may choose to request BitDeer:

(1) Adjust the computing power sharing service according to the actual transfer amount received;

(2) Adds the excess amount to the user's account balance; or

(3) Any additional charges (such as third-party fees) incurred by the user in the manner approved by BitDeer and returned by the user must be borne by the user.

7. If the user uses the wrong/incomplete information and/or initiates a payment to the wrong target account (the address does not belong to BitDeer or is controlled by BitDeer), BitDeer reserves the right to request the correct payment and the loss suffered by the user is not Take any responsibility and refuse any form of claim;

8. After the user pays, due to the confirmation time of the digital currency, etc., the amount of the user's transfer may be delayed. The BitDeer has the right to generate a valid mining sharing package after confirming the receipt;

9. In the absence of a user to submit a payment dispute resolution application, BitDeer is not obligated to actively resolve the payment-related issues or disputes:

(1) The user has the right to contact the support staff within 14 days of the creation of the payment and provide proof of payment in accordance with Bitdeer's request for a dispute resolution application related to the payment. Bitdeer reserves the right to refuse processing for applications submitted after 14 days;

(2) Bitdeer has the right to request the user to provide proof of payment in accordance with Bitdeer if there is reasonable grounds to suspect, or in fact did not receive payment but the Mine Sharing Package has been activated for the user. The user shall provide proof of payment in accordance with Bitdeer's requirements within 14 days of receiving the request;

(3) The proof of payment shall include, but is not limited to, the Bitdeer order number, the unique transaction ID or number, the destination account address information, the transfer amount, and the account statement from the payment system used;

(4) Bitdeer reserves the right to refuse to process User Payment Disputes if the User initiates a payment-related dispute application to Bitdeer, but the User does not provide proof of payment within 14 days or provides other evidence in accordance with Bitdeer's requirements, or Bitdeer reasonably believes that the evidence is insufficient or invalid. Solve the right to apply.

10. If Bitdeer reasonably believes that there is a payment dispute, Bitdeer reserves the right to adjust/cancel the relevant Mine Sharing Package and/or the User's account balance.

11. Bitdeer reserves the right to change the type and price of the mining machine sharing package at any time. Bitdeer's miner sharing package type and price changes will take into account current market prices. The mining machine sharing package that the user has purchased is not affected;

12. Subject to the maximum extent permitted by laws and regulations, both parties acknowledge that all purchased miner sharing packages are final and non-refundable unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing. Bitdeer reserves the right to refund at its sole discretion. If Bitdeer decides to provide a refund for individual miner sharing packages, it does not mean that Bitdeer recognizes and is obligated to agree to the same or similar refund in the future. This refund policy does not affect any legal rights that may apply;

13. The user hereby recognizes that if the mining machine sharing package has taken effect, the user will terminate the mining machine sharing package due to the unsatisfactory mining revenue, the mining service does not meet the expectations, etc., Bitdeer only refunds the unused maintenance fee, Refund any royalties;

14. If Bitdeer provides a refund in accordance with this Agreement or applicable laws and regulations, any additional costs (such as third party fees) arising therefrom shall be borne by the user.

15. As specified in the protocol, once you have completed, it is non-refundable.

16. The pricing of computing power plan adjusts along with a variety of factors, such as fluctuating digital currency prices,mining difficulty and etc. The platform will not compensate any price difference once the order has been completed.

VIII Restrictions and Obligations

1. You may not use the services provided by this website or Bitdeer to engage in activities that violate applicable laws and regulations. Do not use this website to create, copy and disseminate the following information:

(1) Inciting resistance, undermining the Constitution and laws, administrative regulations; inciting subversion of state power, overthrowing the state system; undermining national unity;

(2) Fabricating or distorting facts, spreading rumors, disturbing social order;

(3) Propaganda feudal superstition, obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terror, teachings;

(4) Publicly insulting others or fabricating facts;

(5) Damage to the credibility of state agencies;

(6) Other violations of applicable laws and regulations;

2. You agree to comply with all applicable laws and regulations, this Agreement and all rules applicable to this Website and Services.

3. You agree that you shall fully assume the relevant tax obligations arising from the use of the services provided by Bitdeer.

4. You agree and warrant that you are only using the services provided by Bitdeer for your own benefit, and that you are not using the services provided by Bitdeer on behalf of others or for the benefit of other third parties.

5. You agree to contact Bitdeer in a timely manner if you discover or suspect that other users have violated the agreement in this Agreement or have any fraud or misconduct.

6. Users may not maliciously register their website accounts in any way, including but not limited to multiple account registrations to obtain profits and rewards;

7. Users should not steal other user account information or perform other actions that affect the security of other user accounts;

8. You must not use any method to block your Internet traffic and IP addresses (such as Proxy, Tor, VPN, etc.) or use other technical services that hide the user's real Internet connection;

9. Intellectual property rights in any content displayed on the Bitdeer website or application software, including but not limited to articles, images, news, materials, website structure, website layout, website design, unless otherwise stated, are fully owned by Bitdeer. Users should respect Bitdeer's intellectual property rights.

10. Users may not engage in any commercial activities or interests in the name and/or use of the information/data on this website without the authorization or permission of Bitdeer;

11. You undertake and warrant that your use of the services provided by Bitdeer will not adversely affect Bitdeer's reputation or cause Bitdeer to assume legal or other penalties, sanctions;

12. If the user violates the above provisions, Bitdeer reserves the right to directly take all necessary measures to cancel the benefits of the violation, and / or legally pursue the user's legal and other related responsibilities.

13. Computing power sharing services are banned in the following countries or regions: Crimea, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Hong Kong, and Mainland China. Please confirm that computing power sharing services are legal in your country or region. Otherwise, you will bear all legal consequences.

IX Liability for Breach of Contract

1. Bitdeer reserves the right to suspend or terminate any violation of this Agreement by the User (including but not limited to: the user does not pay the service fee according to the agreement, the service provided by the user using Bitdeer is illegal in the country of residence of the user, etc.) Termination of service to the user and request for compensation for the relevant losses suffered by Bitdeer;

2. If Bitdeer has reason to suspect that you use Bitdeer's services and/or this website in a fraudulent or otherwise improper manner, Bitdeer reserves the right to suspend service to you or request that you suspend the use of this website until you are able to provide Bitter compliance. Proof of the.

X Imitation of Liability

1. The computing power plan provided by BitDeer corresponds to the real computing power. The fluctuation of real computing power is inevitable.BitDeer does not promise that it will run 100% stably. 

2. In addition to normal fluctuations, there are two types of risks that can cause large fluctuations in computing power: controllable risks and uncontrollable risks. Controllable risk refers to mining machine damage, man-made accidents, server downtime, etc; uncontrolled risk refers to objective events that cannot be foreseen, cannot be avoided or cannot be overcome, including natural disasters such as floods, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, landslides, fires, storms and bad weather that be assessed the 100-year-old level or higher , government actions and government directives, city-level grid power supply incidents, and social anomalies such as war, strikes, and turmoil. BitDeer will compensate for the loss caused by the above controllable risks by extending the duration of the plan, and any loss caused by the above uncontrollable risks shall be borne by you.

3. User's consent: The third-party link/website address provided by Bitdeer is for convenience and reference only. Because such third-party websites or links are not under the control of Bitdeer, Bitdeer cannot guarantee that users accessing such websites or links are secure and free of viruses. Bitdeer is not responsible for any loss of access to such third party links and any other third party links not controlled by Bitdeer.

4. The User understands and agrees that under no circumstances will Bitdeer be liable for the following matters and for losses caused by the following:

(1) loss of trading profits;

(2) service interruption;

(3) damage or loss of information;

(4) damage or loss of data;

(5) computing power dies or withdraws from the market;

(6) losses caused by laws, regulations and policy factors;

(7) User's breach of this Agreement (including but not limited to: providing Bitdeer with inaccurate personal information, leaking passwords to third parties, etc.);

(8) and other events that are not controlled by Bitdeer.

5. You agree and accept that you shall be responsible for any and all liability, claims, losses, fines and any costs associated with your breach of applicable laws and regulations or this Agreement (including but not limited to court fees) And reasonable attorneys' fees) Compensation and damage to Bitdeer and its officers and directors, employees, associated entities of Bitdeer and their respective successors, and from loss.

6. User agrees that Bitdeer's entire liability to the User under this Agreement shall not exceed the service fee paid by the User to Bitdeer.

XI Other conventions

1. Abstaining: Bitdeer shall not be enforced by one or more of the terms of this Agreement, or may not exercise any of its rights under this Agreement, or at any time, without requiring the User to perform any of its obligations under this Agreement, shall not be It is understood that Bitdeer waives the above terms, or in any way affects the validity of this Agreement or Bitdeer's right to enforce the terms of this Agreement, and shall not prevent Bitdeer from taking any other action it is entitled to at any time.

2. Dividable: If any provision of this Agreement is deemed to be unlawful, invalid or unenforceable for any reason, such provision shall be deemed severable and shall not affect the legal effect of any other provision.

3. Applicable Law: All disputes, claims or other matters arising out of or relating to the use of the services provided by Bitdeer and/or the Website are subject to the laws of Singapore.

4. Any disputes arising out of or in connection with this Agreement shall be settled by both parties through negotiation. If the parties are unable to reach an agreement within 30 days after the dispute arises, the dispute shall be submitted to the Singapore International Arbitration Center (Singapore International Arbitration Center). ), arbitration in Singapore in accordance with the arbitration rules of the committee. The arbitral tribunal consists of an arbitrator. The outcome of the arbitration is final and binding on all parties.