421 Wet Season Festival - Lucky Wheel Details

1. From April 21 12:00 to May 5 23:59 (UTC +8), log in the BitDeer account can get 3 lucky draws daily.
2. During the event, share on social media and get only 1 extra lucky draw.
3. Here is the detailed description:

1. All the above prizes will be issued within 10-30 working days after the event complete. The customer service staff will contact you via [email protected] for the distribution details;
2. If no email is bounded to your account,  it is suggested that you bind one as soon as possible or contact [email protected] directly;
3. All Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and overseas users who win physical prizes will be issued equivalent vouchers provided by the brand.
4. If any cheating involved, the qualification of the lucky draw will be canceled. BitDeer reserves the final interpretation of this lucky draw.