The Beginner's Guide On How To Use Bitdeer's Mining Platform

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The Beginner's Guide On How To Use Bitdeer's Mining Platform

whether you’re new to crypto mining or a seasoned expert, our mining machine technology and management platform combines to create a seamless, accessible strategy for mining cryptocurrency worldwide.


Welcome to Bitdeer, a highly trusted sharing service platform for digital asset mining machines, whether you’re new to crypto mining or a seasoned expert, our mining machine technology and management platform combine to create a seamless, accessible strategy for mining cryptocurrency worldwide. In Bitdeer, you can rent BTC, BCH, LTC+DOGE, ZEC, CKB, HNS, and other multi-cryptocurrency miners at a cost-effective price. At the same time, you are also free to choose from a 30-day to 1,080-day plan duration.

The cost of the Hash Rate Plan consists of two parts: hash rate fee and electricity and operation and maintenance fees (abbreviated as electricity fee).

Hash Rate Fee: It refers to the one-time fee for renting different types of miners for different plan duration.
Electricity Fee: It refers to the electricity bill and maintenance fee based on the operation of miners. The electricity fee is calculated on a daily basis and can be paid in installments.

After a brief introduction to the concept of hash rate fees and electricity fees, we need to understand another important concept -- KYC (Know your customer). Using KYC is to comply with local anti-money laundry, anti-terrorist financing, and other relevant regulations and policies. With identification authentication, we can better protect your account, lower the chance of fraud, and provide you with better services. Therefore, before placing an order, we kindly advise you to complete the KYC verification as soon as possible in [Settings] - [Identity Verification].

Upon completion of the KYC verification, click on"Bonuses" to redeem the New Beginner reward. How to purchase the Cloud Hashrate? You can refer to the following:

1. In the interface of "Cloud Mining", select your desired mining plan and click on "Buy Now".

2. On the plan details, select the output currency and click on "Purchase Plan".

3. Product confirm order:

3.1. Select the Mining pool.

3.2. Select the Receiving wallet: When selecting a personal wallet, please fill in a valid receiving address (Please check the correct- valid address several times).

3.3. Select your [First payment days] in [Pay for Electricity].

After the first electricity payment days run out, please pay for the electricity on time. Pause of electricity payments will impact the mining operation and output.

3.4 Select the [Subsequent payment method]

Electricity payment support 3 method: (1)Manual Payment (2)Auto-Pay With Revenue (3)Auto-Pay with Electricity Card

3.5. Please read and confirm the order carefully before accepting the [Bitdeer Cloud Hash Rate Service Agreement]

3.6 After the plan information and total amount are confirmed, click on [Submit Order].

4. Upon confirmation of the agreement, select the payment method and pay it (please pay the order in full within 6 hours, overdue order will be canceled)

5. Send the amount of the order to the payment address. After payment, please click [Paid].


A) Please make payment after confirming the correct address and currency information. If you pay other currencies to the address, coins may be lost and cannot be retrieved.

B) Pay an appropriate transaction commission fee when transferring the account. Any order that is not fully received will be required to make up the payment or be cancelled.

6. After the transfer, we need to wait for confirmation on the chain (about 1-2 hours). For US dollar transfer, please make sure that the full payment is received within 10 days. Upon receipt of full payment, the Hashrate plan will start in 24 hrs. (Pre-sale plan will take effect until the pre-sale period)

Tips for Electricity Payment

Different ways of paying electricity fees, to a certain extent, determine the level of the mining revenue, we sincerely advise you to follow the rules:

The value of the cryptocurrency increases When the price rises, it is suitable to pay the electricity fee directly from mining revenue. In addition, it is appropriate to pay the electricity fee for some more days, to lock the mining income for the following days. However, it is recommended not to exceed three network difficulty.
The value of the cryptocurrency decreases when the price falls, you can choose to pay for some days less.If currency prices are depressed, you could choose to pay the electricity fee with fiat currency. After the currency price rises, you can cash the cryptocurrency back into the corresponding fiat currency.

In Bitdeer, you do not need to purchase mining rigs, find mining farms, operation, and maintenance, only start mining with one simple click!

Please visit our Help Center or contact our support team [email protected] if you have any other questions.


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Feb 2, 2023

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