Mining OS - Advanced Mining Software


Simple, Stable, High-yield

MiningOS is a new-generation system developed for GPU miners. It aims to provide you highly-efficient and stable miner system. The system has achieved good performance on several GPU platforms.

Smart Overclocking

Smart Overclocking

Automatically apply overclocking, according to the performance of the graphics card, to achieve optimal mining performance.

Higher Stability

Higher Stability

Exclusive native miner tuned by minerplus to improve miner stability by 5-10%.

Perfect Mining-grade Solution

Perfect Mining-grade Solution

Collaborate with MiningSentry to make large-scale mining as quick as a 3A game to get started.

Excellent hashrate Performance

Excellent hashrate Performance

With 36 dimensions of exclusive tuning of the computing core, MiningOS exclusive built-in Miner brings higher hashrate.

Security And Privacy

Security And Privacy

Support SSL connections, security and privacy always come first.




Limited to

4 workers

  • Limited to 4 workers
  • Limited features
  • Community support


/mo per rig for OS


% with bdgminer

3Months Free

  • All features
  • More than 4 workers
  • MiningSentry
  • SSL connection for workers
  • Multiple farms management
  • Email & Community support


Available with 1000 rigs and more

  • All regular features
  • Additional individual features
  • An opportunity to subscribe to paid support service
  • Private proxy channels for a more reliable access
  • Individual billing
  • Individual support

Limited Offer

Free access for 3-6 months

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