Tennessee Mining Farm Power Outage Notice Dec 26, 2020 00:00

Dear Bitdeer users, 

As there are telecommunications Issues associated with wxplosion downtown in Nashville, TN.(check NEWS)the complete site is without internet now. There is no definite answer on when it will be fixed yet. 

Some of the cloud hashrate plans and cloud hosting orders are going to be affected for a while.

For cloud hashrate plans,The “1:1 postponed compensation” will be applied as always, which is if the power off for N hours, the mining time of the affected plan will be postponed for an additional N hours, no extra computing power fee and electricity fee for the postponing hours.    

The compensation hours will be added automatically within 24 hours after the power recovers.  
And the actual compensation hours for each order might be different, please subject to the actual compensation hours on your "Dashboard-Hashrate List-Manage-Times Compensated”. 

All Tennessee miner assets have been identified as safe. We apologize for such force majeure, and Bitdeer will keep follow up on the issue to minimize the mining interruptions and to make sure the mining resumes first time once the local telecommunications recovered.  

Thanks for your understanding and support. 
For any queries or concerns, please feel free to contact Bitdeer service team: [email protected] 

Bitdeer team 
December  26, 2020