Thanksgiving Coupon for FREE & Birthday Blessings to Win a Mysterious Gift Nov 26, 2020 00:00

Dear BitDeer users,

To celebrate Thanksgiving Day & BitDeer’s upcoming two-year birthday, we specially launched welfare activities for all users. Thank you for your company and trust along the way!

Event time: 2020.11.26 12:00 - 2020.12.10 24:00 (UTC+8)

Benefit 1: Thanksgiving Coupon for FREE

1. For all users who registered before December 10, 2020, log in to the BitDeer account during this event will get a 5-100 USD computing power fee coupon as a gift;

2. The coupon will be automatically issued to "My Coupons" after login.

Note: For accounts that are not logged into during the event will not be eligible for the coupon.

How to use the coupons, please kindly refer to the link below:

Benefit 2: Happy Birthday to BitDeer to Win a Mysterious Gift

1. For users who send birthday blessings and wishes to BitDeer via email [email protected] during the event will get a chance to win a mysterious gift (BitDeer's birthday: 12-12) ;

2. Content unlimited (Photo, Video, Song, etc…related to BitDeer), the more the content, the greater the chance to win the gift. One gift chance per account.

BitDeer reserves all the rights for this event. 

For more queries or concerns, please contact the official customer service team:[email protected] 

BitDeer Team

November 26, 2020